School of International Communication, Department of English Communication

We cultivate students who have the flexibility and values to grasp things from an international perspective, who can use English as a communication tool and have the practical knowledge and skills required to play an active part in a globalized society and work in careers related to society, culture, language, and tourism among others. 

Major in International Business


Fostering graduates with professional skills that combine knowledge of business, the ability to use English as an international communication tool, and an international perspective. 

There is a particular focus on thoroughly developing students English ability — an essential tool for success in the world — and an understanding of the basics of international business. 

Students will deepen their understanding of the differences in local culture and develop into graduates with an international perspective who can play an active role as bridges that connect to overseas countries. 

Major in International Culture


Fostering graduates who can play an active role as a global citizen by understanding the commonality and uniqueness of the world's regions and cultures while acquiring a practical English ability. 

Focusing on a practical English ability as the basis of communication, students learn not only language but also understand the commonality and uniqueness of societies and culture around the world. We aim to cultivate graduates with practical skills to play an active role as global citizens. 

School of International Communication Department of Tourism

Fostering graduates who develop global hospitality skills that utilize practical English and communication skills. Students gain specialized knowledge and skills through a practical curriculum that provides opportunities to collaborate with companies and local governments. 

Major in Tourism


Fostering graduates aiming to become professionals in the tourism business while acquiring practical abilities in English, marketing, and management and play an active role in the in the rapidly changing field of international tourism and regional revitalization. 

We will develop graduates for the tourism business that will innovate Japanese tourism in the future including domestic travel in the Corona era, inbound tourism, community-based tourism, and new tourism businesses utilizing ICT. 

Major in Hotel & Bridal Services 


In the hotel and bridal industry, which represents the hospitality industry, we aim to develop graduates who can manage locations and provide top-notch service. 

We aim to develop graduates who acquire a practical English ability and high hospitality skills, provide a comfortable and secure venues, and can produce lovely and memorable experiences. 

Major in Airline Services


We aim to cultivate first-class airline personnel with international communication skills supported by a high level of English language skills and flexible on-site response capabilities. 

In addition to the expertise in the aviation industry and excellent language skills, we will develop graduates for global airlines who have acquired the highest level of internationally recognized hospitality skills. 

School of Sociology Department of Sociology

Fostering graduates with a data-driven understanding of social problems and the ability to solve them in order to create a new normal for future society 

Major in Sociology


Fostering graduates who possess research and marketing capabilities and can make proposals for solutions and improvements based on data in a modern society with various challenges. 

In the Department of Sociology, students will acquire information gathering and data analysis skills through a curriculum centered on social research methodologies and practical training. 

We will cultivate graduates who can play an active role in fields such as research, analysis, and planning in government and private institutions and companies. 

Major in Data Science


With basic knowledge and skills in data science and data engineering, 

we aim to foster graduates who can contribute to the creation of innovation in various areas of modern society. 

With the start of the fourth Industrial Revolution, we are approaching a future where AI and robots can play an active role in society. 

The Department of Data Science educates graduates who can analyze and utilize data from a cutting edge sociological perspective and transcend the boundaries of humanities and sciences. 

School of Psychology Department of Psychology

Training graduates who can understand and solve personal and social problems "from the heart"

Fostering graduates who contribute to the creation of a society where each and every one of us can feel safe and "utilize psychology" to address various problems in a modern society such as interpersonal relations, physical and mental health, disasters, accidents, crime, etc. In the school of Psychology, students will deepen their learning through the four majors with a common theme of "mental health" and "safety and security of society". 

Major in Clinical Psychology


Students will learn the specialized knowledge and skills of psychological counseling through hands-on learning. 

Through hands-on learning of counseling and psychological tests, students will learn how to relate to and support others. 

In addition to aiming to be a certified psychologist and clinical psychologist, students will learn the knowledge and skills that can be utilized for communication in social life. 

Major in Criminal Psychology


Students will gain an understanding of the psychology and mechanisms of crime and delinquency while acquiring knowledge to help prevent crime. 

There are various factors behind the crime and delinquency and students will learn the psychology of criminals and juvenile delinquents, new perspectives on criminal incidents, rehabilitation support, and crime prevention in order for graduates to make contributions to creating a crime-free society. 

Major in Disaster Psychology


Students will learn about crisis response to a wide variety of disasters, disaster prevention and mitigation, and acquire assistance methods such as mental care for victims. Students will consider issues surrounding assisting people who have been afflicted by natural disasters, accidents and other disasters. Students will learn about the thoughts and behaviors and study support methods in order to assist people in various disasters and can contribute to the prevention and mitigation of disasters. 

Major in Industrial Consumer Psychology


Students will learn the psychology that can be used in various situations of business, and acquire the ability to analyze and disseminate the movements and behaviors of people. 

Students will acquire specialized knowledge and skills in psychology that can be used in various business situations such as planning, product development, advertising and design, customer service, and organizational management. 

School of Education Department of Child Education and Social Welfare

Training professionals in education and welfare to meet the needs of the times

With the motto "Training of professionals in education, childcare, and welfare that can meet the needs of the times", students will spend four years acquiring the cultural knowledge and skills that will enable them to respond sensitively to social changes, as well as flexibility and practical skills.  

Major in Child Education 

Education Course / Child Education and Care Course


Students will acquire multiple licenses necessary for education and childcare and develop practical skills that are useful in the field. 

Students select from two courses depending on their interest including "Education Specialization Course" and "Education/Childcare Course". We aim to help students acquire multiple qualifications while accumulating knowledge and experiences from various perspectives, and developing into future nursery teachers, kindergarten teachers, elementary school teachers, and special needs teachers with practical skills that are useful in the field. 

Major in Welfare

Social Welfare Course / Welfare/Child Care Course 


Select a course according to purpose Students acquire a practical ability to play an active part in welfare 

The "Social Welfare Course" fosters graduates who become social welfare professionals with a global perspective. The "Welfare/Childcare Course" trains graduates to become child family welfare professionals who can contribute to a society where everyone can live peacefully together. Students will learn practical knowledge and skills that can be used in the welfare field. 

School of Business Administration Department of Business Administration

Foster graduates who can play an active role in the international community 

Students will gain foundational knowledge of economics and management and acquire skills to manage locations in a safe and secure global society.  Through an enhanced approach to learning suitable for the global age, we aim to educate graduates with practical skills such as the management of regional revitalization. 

Major in Management/Marketing


Fostering graduates who can create a new value by understanding the needs of markets and consumers and breathe new life into the market by utilizing research, planning and retail capability. 

Major in Business Design


Students will gain an understanding of the times in order to design and create new businesses. 

Fostering graduates who can inspire innovation in the field of corporate management by utilizing creativity, planning, proposal-making capability. 

Major in Community Management


Regional field-based and experiential learning focusing on contributing to regional revitalization. 

Training local producers through highly specialized learning that takes place in the field. 

Major in Disaster Prevention and Crisis Management


Fostering graduates who will be responsible for creating a safe and secure society. 

Students will become "responsible leaders for safety and security" for governments and local companies. 

School of Health Sciences Department of Nursing

Fostering nursing professionals who "closely take care of people from the heart" 
While cooperating and collaborating with local medical institutions and facilities, we aim to cultivate nursing professionals who have acquired specialized knowledge, skills, and attitudes in nursing science and can play an active role in a global society. 

Major in Nursing


Educating nursing professionals with scientific thinking and a wide range of knowledge. 

Students will have an opportunity to receive early onsite instruction and learning from experienced instructors. 

We aim to train nursing professionals who can practice human care that is supported by scientific thinking and a broad-based education. 

Major in Global Nursing


Students will develop nursing skills that support internationalization in the medical field through overseas training. 

Recently, internationalization is progressing, even in the medical field. In order to train nurses to meet the demands of a rapidly changing global society, we aim to cultivate graduates with a global perspective and a refined ability to respond to different cultures by participating in overseas training. 

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